Essential Swedish Massage

60min = $80, 75min = $90, 90min = $100


Uses light to medium pressure strokes relieving muscles and tension, helping aid lymphatic drainage, speeds detoxification process while stimulating circulation.


Divine Deep Tissue Massage 

60min = $90, 75min = $100, 90min = $110


Relaxing areas of chronic tension, using long deep strokes working deep into the muscle and connective tissue, increasing flexibility and rotation of neck, head and extremities.


Natural River Rock Massage

60min = $110, 75min = $120, 90min = $130


Heated smooth rocks are placed on the body, and utilized to manipulate the muscles penetrating deep into the muscle, increasing blood circulation and relaxing the nervous system.


Pregnancy Massage

60min = $85, 75min = $95


Gentle therapeutic massage focusing on the special needs of a changing mothers body before and after birth.


Hydrating Soufflé Massage

60 min = $90, 75 min = $100, 90 min = $110


Firm and hydrate your skins appearance with this Soufflé Massage, providing high levels of antioxidants while applying all techniques of our Essential Swedish.



30min = $45, 45min = $55


Create relaxation, using acupressure and massage on the feet and hands, bringing balance freeing life’s stresses. The feet and hands are divided into a system of zones that are a mirror image to our body.


Cleansing Back Treatment

45 min - $80, 60 min - $90, 75 min - $100, 90 min - $110



Eases the tired and stressed muscles of the back, cleansing, exfoliation, two customized masques, toner, is then moisturized and massaged.


ReVives Herbal Facials


Nourish and treat your skin. Our masques and treatments use concentrated amounts of vitamins and nutrients to moisturize, calm, heal and nurture your skin’s appearance. We have an array herbal facials to choose from. All facials are customized to meet specific needs per skin type.


Revitalizing Body Scrub

75 min = $125,  90 min = $140


Emerge softer and more radiant with a thorough exfoliation, detoxifying wrap, followed by a light circulating massage ending with a hydrating moisturizer.



60 min $80,  75 min = $90


A form of energy healing that gently fills the body with vital life force energy.  This treatment brings the body into balance in a non-invasive soothing manner. You are clothed the entire session.


Infrared Sauna

25 min = $20, 40 min = $30


Infrared saunas are an effective tool for a natural healing and prevention. Far infrared rays penetrates at the cellular level and pulls toxins from the body safely through the skin. Benefits are weight loss, anti-aging skin purification, stabilize blood pressure, reduce inflammation in aliments such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and different forms of arthritis


Hand and Foot Treatment - add on

30 min = $55, 45 min = $65


Lock in that moisture and condition those cuticles by sloughing off those dead skin cells with an Eminence organic sugar scrub. Followed by a three layer paraffin wax,  boosting circulation while relaxing those tire muscles and increasing elasticity, ending with a generous foot massage.


Aroma Therapy

add-on to any massage = $10


Enhancing your therapeutic needs with tranquilizing and reposeful scents.


Natural River Rock

add-on to any massage = $10


A touch of river rock massage by using smooth heated stones on back, neck and shoulders.


Each service can be customized to meet your specific needs using a mix of various techniques easing mind and body.



Cancellation/No show:

Please notify us or reschedule your appointment 24 hours prior to your scheduled treatment for individual service or 72 hours for groups and parties to avoid being charged cancellation fees. All cancellations with less than 24 hours notice may result in a 75% service value charge to your credit card or deduction to your gift certificate, and “no shows” are subject to the full charge of the service.

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